The Feeling of Success

Is this you?

If you are reading this you have probably been very successful all your life and have been driven by that success. Most of my clients are. You are adventurous, you take risks, and it has paid off, bringing you the success which you knew you could achieve, and others envy. 

But right now, you're wondering if this is it? You might even be feeling empty or lonely despite your success. Your feelings may be spilling over into your personal life, leaving you questioning decisions, relationships and your way forward. ​
Having pushed through and achieved success before, maybe you don't have a clear vision for what the next level is for you, in life and in business. 

You are visionary and intensely curious, and sometimes you aren't aware of the hugely positive impact you have on the people around you. ​If this sounds like you we should talk.


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What is the Feeling of Success?

What did you expect success to feel like? And is the reality the same as your expectation?

So many people tie success to some milestone. They'll be successful when they have earned this much, or own this car, or have achieved this promotion.

Society, and so much personal development material, has even conditioned us to think like that. We are taught to set goals, what car do we want, where do we really want to go on holiday, who do we want to marry? And as a result so many people expect that they will have this mystical feeling of success when they get there, or when they own that thing.

But the reality is that that feeling is often fleeting. The positive vibes of the dream car, or dream holiday don't last. The new title on the business card ends up coming with a load of stress attached.

So often, the feeling of success for many people is actually a feeling of "is that it?".

They achieve what they thought was success, but they still don't feel it deep inside. In fact. they feel empty, lonely, sad.

A true feeling of success can be achieved. It has less to do with things, or other people, and much more to do with understanding what really makes us tick, what our real purpose in life is, and then making sure we are working towards that.

Success isn't the destination, it is the whole journey, the little wins, as well as the failures and stresses. A feeling of success is that confidence and peace which comes from knowing you're doing your life's work.


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"I was referred to Caroline by a friend when I met her I was a workaholic and when I was not working I was propping up a bar telling everyone why my life was so awful. I spent no time at home with my wife and kids and I was attached to my phone 24x7. I had tried a number of techniques before to change my life, meditation, going to gym, running but nothing stuck because they were like tick in the box things to do and added to my stress.  When I spoke to Caroline I was still scared to make the payment as I had doubts to whether I would commit to something else, would it become another failure for me?  Thankfully I did as my life has totally changed, I have given up the job which was exhausting me, and found a new job which gives me flexibility and time to do the things I am passionate about.  I nearly lost my marriage, now I spend days away with my wife and kids we have lots of fun times and we are making memories together.  I value living my life authentically and with balance, I have let go of friends who were exhausting me.  I put myself front and centre so everyone benefits from the new me."