This is me

I’m Caroline Buchanan and I have a track record in embracing success and overcoming adversity. From a young age I had to make tough personal decisions, for example when my mum died when I was 17 I found myself homeless with £200 in my pocket and no job. 

Fast forward, I gained over 25 years experience in the finance world and became Chief Operating  Officer of a trading team in the City of London. Eventually, even though I was financially successful, I decided that wasn’t my life’s calling and decided to change my life leaving London, and my career, for a brand new life in the Cotswolds. As you can see, I am not scared to step into the unknown.  I am a risk taker and an optimist.

These days I am a powerful coach to people like you. I am an expert in re-inventing myself, celebrating success and helping my clients to do the same.

What I do is what I believe. I believe we all have the power to change and move forward, even if we don't see it right now. I also believe that we live in a world of infinite possibility, what helps us to create an amazing life is to learn to enjoy success and see the powerful person we are.

If you are ready to step into your power and re-invent your “Feeling of Success”, or if you have ticked all the boxes of success, and you still aren't feeling it, you and I should have a conversation.